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Liliesleaf is a not-for-profit entity, administered by the Liliesleaf Trust. We are grateful to our friends, funders and sponsors for their continued support.

This is an appeal for contributions to keep Liliesleaf going, to preserve its historical artefacts and exhibitions, to sustain its operations and to ensure that it remains a treasured resource for future generations.

In August we will commemorate the 60th of the purchase of Liliesleaf. We will hold our crowdfunding appeal for financial support on April 27th, Freedom, which also marks 27 years since our first democratic elections. In keeping with these two significant milestones, we are appealing to you to donate either:

  • 27 Rands, Dollars, Pounds or Euros to mark
  • 27 years of a free South Africa
  • 27 years Mandela spent in prison
  • 60 Rands, Dollars, Pounds or Euros to mark
  • 60 years since the purchase of Liliesleaf
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